Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Day on East Coast

A View From the Window of the Plane
Today at 3:40 AM, five hours after my last blog, the Brown I group met up at El Cerrito High and began the three weeks' trip. Because the time zone in the East Coast is three hours ahead of the time zone in the West Coast. I only have 21 hours today. The weather in Providence is cooler than I thought, since in the Brown dinner an alumnus said that the weather in Providence is A LOT hotter than in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We arrived at the hotel at around 6:30 PM The hotel is very nice. The lobby has sculptures, paintings, and, most importantly, food and drinks. In the rooms, each bed has five pillows for some reason and the furniture is very classic yet looks new and clean. 

I am exhausted now because of waking up so early and travelling all day. I need to go to sleep early to overcome the jet lag and get ready for visiting Harvard and MIT tomorrow.
The Lobby

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