Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And the Countdown begins!

I and my mother arrived at Pinole Middle School for ILC orientation and we did make it on time. I usually have some kind of fear during ILC meeting but I did not feel any nervousness as ILC feels like a family now.

The orientation did not begin right away due to some late arrivals. As soon as everyone arrived, Mr. Ramsey and Don spoke about the importance of being punctual. Later, all the chaperones introduced themselves to all the cohorts and the parents. After the introduction, Don discussed about loner items, and necessary information about the trip (Do’s and Don'ts).

We were split into groups where our respective chaperones gave us information about the schedules on departure and arrival time. Even though, we did not get the itineraries, Mrs. Neal explained us basic information on colleges we will be visiting. Our trip (Women and Leadership) is approaching near and I am very excited and looking forward to visit the colleges and experience college life.

This trip is going to be a life-changing experience to me as well as all the cohorts. I am eager and excited to experience a new environment on East Coast.
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